Monday, 8 February 2010


Victoria Station London to Brigthon- 3 hours 52 Minutes
Total: 56 miles

So solid. Great ride. Felt strong, not much use of the aero bars on the route, but good pace. Nutrition was pretty sporadic, left it until a bit too late on several occasions, and unsuprisingly found any food easy to absorb. Nutrigrains and Trackers bars- good road fodder.

Felt wiped out ahead of Ditchling Beacon but had a nutrigrain and a tracker bar and went up it pretty easily when it came down to it, mixture of seated and standing. Hammered it into Brighton at the prospect of going over 4 hours. Sat on a bench on the promenade in the sunshire, took in the view and then got the train home.

Cycled to and from Victoria station on the way and way back so days total: 67 miles

I love my bike.


Four games of squash with Jimbo, sprinting very challenging but the games were good. Not particularly mobile but pushed hard to make the best of it. Change from hours worth of endurance to sprinting was generally not very much fun, by the end feeling pretty good again.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010



Swim (am)

1500m swim, pretty easy, comfortable distance now. Went through the first 500m in 8 minutes. Felt like i was swimming towards my limit in terms of pace for all of it. Overall: 30.17

Run (pm)

1 hour 37 Minutes. Cross country in Hampstead Heath. Really nice run. 1 hour offroad and half an hour on the road. Ayran and i ran with head torches, did some hill training, upping the pace for each hill and for the final double header of hills into West Hampstead. Gentle pace over all and felt strong at the end.

Monday, 1 February 2010


1 Hour 30 minutes. Running cross country in Kent. A good run in the country, found breathing quite heavy and slightly difficult, partly due to the cold. Did a little bit of fartlek, which was fun.