Monday, 20 February 2012

Bike-Run 18/02/2012

5.26 on bike, up into Chilterns and back. St. Albans, Harpenden.

Good ride, still not getting nutrition right, need to use countdown timer as reminder. New fuels working well as was new kit.

51 running around queens park, felt spaced for much of it, dehydrated, left calf slightly tight again.

Swim 17/02/2012

17/02/2012 Swim

1500m breaststroke, front crawl, backstroke.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

16/02/2012 - Swim

2k - 44.13
Stroke excellent this morning, feeling more efficient and powerful, concentrating on reaching to the fullest extent with the catch. Need to develop rotation of chest as I pull through and remember to maintain the force of the catch through to the waste. Kick slightly improved, need to use fins to work on this.

Distance was ok, felt like I was going as fast as I could, although slower than previous session this week. Erratic 500m's alternately feeling good and strong and bad and weak.

14/01/2012 - Swim

2k - 43.55
Felt pretty good, tigthness in right shoulder eased after awhile. Feeling strong again in the final quarter. Stroke good at the start and then by the end had fallen apart.

Monday, 13 February 2012

13/02/12 Bike-Run-Squash

Cycled for 4.45 - Legs went through a number of shades of pale, feeling really strong for the first two hours and then started eating, giving a bit power, felt dead in the fourth hour, empty. Probably didn't eat enough throughout, but only started eating when i felt hungry. Fuel questionable to power bars and two breakaways and water on board.

Nice ride out to Staines-Windsor-Staines-Richmond (1 lap of the park)-Home

Run - 30 Shook of staggering legs after 1km and then ran quite freely. Felt pretty blitzed after half an hour and wondered how it will be possible to run a marathon.

Squash - W 4-1, first game couldn't get myself at the right speed, but found my legs by the second and then an epic comeback in the fifth.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Monday 6/2/12

2km swim- 6.35am- 43 minutes

Shoulders and back grew weary towards 750m, found some strength from 1500m on to the end, to find last 200m easy.

Pilates - 6.15pm - hip flexors complaining, generally despite some fatigue another excellent session.

Forestman 2012

Enterered the Forestman, completed first full week of training last week.


Two swims, 1.5k and 2k (43mins), and a 4.40 bike and then 20 min run.

1 swim short of the optimal for the week.

Build phase