Monday, 13 February 2012

13/02/12 Bike-Run-Squash

Cycled for 4.45 - Legs went through a number of shades of pale, feeling really strong for the first two hours and then started eating, giving a bit power, felt dead in the fourth hour, empty. Probably didn't eat enough throughout, but only started eating when i felt hungry. Fuel questionable to power bars and two breakaways and water on board.

Nice ride out to Staines-Windsor-Staines-Richmond (1 lap of the park)-Home

Run - 30 Shook of staggering legs after 1km and then ran quite freely. Felt pretty blitzed after half an hour and wondered how it will be possible to run a marathon.

Squash - W 4-1, first game couldn't get myself at the right speed, but found my legs by the second and then an epic comeback in the fifth.

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