Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bike-Run 10/03/2012

6.03 on the bike, felt absolutely spanked on the way back from St. Albans. Nutrition working well, if a little to little at the end. Tropical Power gel's strangling becomming tasty now. Need to work out some savoury energy fuel, sweet is boring after too many hours.

56 minutes on foot, couple of laps of queen's park and then down the grand union canal. Groin a bit tight on the run, stopped up just before the hour mark to be careful but felt like I could go on without to much discomfort. Took the whole of the first km to get into running gait.

Good marker session.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

04/03/2012 Bike-Run

Bike -Three hours mountain biking in Whinlatter. Rode gently on the first lap with dad and then upped the pace for climbs on the red and blue to follow. Almost crashed twice coming downhill on the red. Slammed it on the third lap on the blue, gritted teeth and pain.

Run - forty minute run back to Whinfell, legs felt good, bit surprised about going downhill but momentum overcame fatigue. Momentum something I can't rely upon in the New Forest.